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Where you are:

One of the most difficult things for an aspiring goalie is getting an honest evaluation. Rep hockey is a difficult world to navigate and we at FCGS have a great deal of experience with scouting and assessing goalies at all levels. We work with teams from A, AA and AAA right through to OHL, AHL and NHL. We have a network of genuine goalie scouts we can access to evaluate your game as it is today and give you a comprehensive report of what your strengths are and where you need to improve.

Where you are headed:

You have goals and while we can’t guarantee you that you will reach each and every goal we can counsel you and provide guidance on what it will take to get you where you want to go. We have taken young goalies playing at low levels and helped them to reach the highest levels of hockey. If you have the desire and the work ethic, anything is possible.

How to get there:

Based on your goal we will evaluate the time and commitment required and provide a variety of training options through our network or that you can source on your own. We will provide to you a comprehensive assessment and regularly measure you progress. While we charge a fee for the assessments the coaching and planning is provided as part of committing to a regular training plan with FCGS.


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